Fat Boy Blunts - Natural (Distillate & Kief Rolled Joints)

Fat Boy Blunts - Natural (Distillate & Kief Rolled Joints)

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Product Description

Fat Boy Blunts dipped in Distillate and then rolled in Kief!

Definitely one of our most popular products. Multiple Flavours to coming soon!


Walter White, White Kryptonite, Big Titti

7 reviews for Fat Boy Blunts – Natural (Distillate & Kief Rolled Joints)

  1. CrazyMix

    OMG these are really good stuff my friend brought to our pool party! Dipped in kief!

  2. DeadlyVines

    Great for sharing! My friends and I got these for my birthday and it rocked the night!

  3. SorryNotSorry

    Im not sure if anyone else realize how good these are! they’re even dipped in kief OMG

  4. Sebastian Lewis

    Dipping this is in kief is the way to go. It seems like a thing now. I love this product. Easy to use and on-the-go.

  5. Chopra

    WOW these are the best out there!

  6. XZ420


  7. xxxx420


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