Herbivore Edibles - Watermelon

Herbivore Edibles - Watermelon

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Each candy is loaded with 25 mg of flavourless THC distillate, so its best to take one at a time, even though it’s oh so tempting to eat the whole bag.

10 reviews for Herbivore Edibles – Watermelon

  1. Shawty

    I like my candies sourrrr <3

  2. LuvForGummies

    Not too sour and the sweetness is just right, thc content is perfect!

  3. LivPope

    Yesss the description is on point. It’s so tempting to eat the whole bag!!!

  4. Liz North

    I want to buy plenty of this. this is so good

  5. GreenRelief

    Omg these are like store bough watermelon gummies but better!

  6. SummerFeels

    I got 4 different packs of edbiles on here and this by far is my fave 🙂

  7. James.D_1212

    Amazing taste!

  8. Jayjames420

    Good flavour

  9. InvisibleMan

    Whats great about this is that it isnt too sour at all and im in love with it!

  10. xxxx420


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