Lindsay OG AAAA

Lindsay OG AAAA

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Product Description

Lindsay OG is an award winning strain known for its potent couch locking, sedating effects. It has a gassy, pungent aroma that turns into a skunky, sweet flavour when smoked. Lindsay OG is an excellent strain for stress and pain relief due to its high THC content. Ideal for using at night.
THC Content: 23%
Effects: Sedating, relaxing
Bud: Medium, dark green with bright orange hairs


112G (Quarter LBS), 14G (Half OZ), 1G, 28G (OZ), 3.5G (Eighth), 7G (Quarter OZ)

1 review for Lindsay OG AAAA

  1. Nik

    I really like this strain, I found it gave me a little boost of energy at first then a slow mellowing down.

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