Notorious THC Capsule - 25mg

Notorious THC Capsule - 25mg

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Product Description

Effects: Notorious’s THC Capsules are psychoactive as they contain THC. In addition to their subtlety, THC pills are as convenient to ingest as a vitamin. You don’t need a lighter, blow torch, atomizer, bong, bowl, or paper sheet to get the job done. This is a particularly important consideration to make for pediatric patients who may be too young to safely attempt more complex methods of consumption

Medical Benefits: Consumers of THC pills may experience one or more of the following beneficial effects anywhere from 30 minutes to up to 2 hours after consumption. These effects may last up to 8 hours:

  • Enhanced mood
  • Decreased social reticence
  • Pain relief
  • Increased appetite
  • Relaxation
  • Sleepiness
  • Creative thought

Each Bottle Contains:

  • 20 Capsules per bottle
  • 25mg THC per Capsule
  • Made with Grapeseed Oil & MCT

20 reviews for Notorious THC Capsule – 25mg

  1. loganhighflyer

    *added to cart!* Not a waste of my bucks!! def awesome stuff… helped me get a good night’s sleep.

  2. connorchiefer67

    Man, these are really good stuff! Thanks west coast. will order again. probably the 500mg now

  3. donotASHEsume

    purchased these with the watermelon gummies. Totally gives me the right high.

  4. agreeable-deer3

    Definitely helped me increase my appetite plus it helps me relax when I am feeling cranky all of a sudden. It’s worth your money.

  5. ChasingSmokes

    One pill each night helps me relax ready for the next day!

  6. Andrea


  7. Jayjames420

    Get buzz

  8. xxxx420


  9. Olivia Robinson

    This got me very relaxed and sleepy. Perfect for a bedtime high. highly recommended!

  10. Niceguy420

    Good product

  11. Julien Emond

    A really relaxing high. 🙂 love these capsules!

  12. porewhizz80

    Bought this first to try before I’m gonna buy the bigger bottle and I’m impressed how effective it is to me! I’ll be buying the 50mg soon. 😁

  13. Andie Owens

    My go-to pain reliever.. definitely buying this again.

  14. Gregory

    I intake this before meetings. I can get better ideas with the help of this thc capsule

  15. clara q.

    def my capsules when I don’t feel like smoking! 🙂 great product wc

  16. Cooper M.

    my kind of high 😀 not really into smoking. i’m glad they have this on here

  17. Gabriella Lopez

    getting daily doses from these each day. 🙂 really good mood enhancer

  18. hayley89

    just got this and tried it.. i couldn’t ask for more!! 🙂 thank you wc!

  19. brad

    my fourth buy now.. definitely loving this. i’m new to all things cannabis and would like to start here. it’s amazing!!

  20. reanneroa

    awesome product, awesome high!! thanks wc.

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