Notorious THC Capsule - 50mg

Notorious THC Capsule - 50mg

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Product Description

Effects: Notorious’s THC Capsules are psychoactive as they contain THC. In addition to their subtlety, THC pills are as convenient to ingest as a vitamin. You don’t need a lighter, blow torch, atomizer, bong, bowl, or paper sheet to get the job done. This is a particularly important consideration to make for pediatric patients who may be too young to safely attempt more complex methods of consumption

Medical Benefits: Consumers of THC pills may experience one or more of the following beneficial effects anywhere from 30 minutes to up to 2 hours after consumption. These effects may last up to 8 hours:

  • Enhanced mood
  • Decreased social reticence
  • Pain relief
  • Increased appetite
  • Relaxation
  • Sleepiness
  • Creative thought

Each Bottle Contains:

  • 20 Capsules per bottle
  • 50mg THC per Capsule
  • Made with Grapeseed Oil & MCT

20 reviews for Notorious THC Capsule – 50mg

  1. millstoner063

    I make this as substitute when I’m not smoking and it still gives me a great high. Totally worth it!! Awesome stuff WCR..

  2. ChivalryIsDead

    thanks for this. Just glad that I’ve tried it. Highly recommend for young adults like me.

  3. ladymarmalade19

    I only take one of these if my severe migraine attacks and I tell you this really works! 👌👌

  4. ganjalee798

    Got my first batch! :)) will definitely re-order soon. Thanks WCR!

  5. Ava

    I didn’t know there were capsules! 🙂 I bought these and it gave me just the right high <3. thanks West Coast!

  6. brownstone333

    This is my perfect go-to capsules 🙂 classic!

  7. Beverly

    THE PERFECT HIGH… especially when I don’t feel like smoking. awesome quality! also, it helped me with a few anxieties i have been struggling with lately

  8. xxxx420


  9. Emma M.

    My friend recommended this for me so I could finally get sleep.. quite effective. thanks for this!

  10. Cher1967

    Great for pain relief. It kicks in 30 minutes after taking it but may take longer when taken with an empty stomach.

  11. Sarah

    always there when i need it. def a good product to stash in your collection!

  12. Niceguy420

    Good product

  13. ahJaith2ch

    Because it’s in capsule, effects does not kick in immediately unlike smoking and vaping but still a good option when you’re really not into smoke.

  14. Chris Blakely

    i take these on my lazy days 🙂 got my stash yesterday! i love it!

  15. zeny

    convenient and i love this option not to smoke! 😀 thanks!!

  16. brad

    my girlfriend loves this! it’s one of her firsts and i’m a regular with this product because of her too!

  17. brandon queens

    this is my nighttime capsule! gets me to sleep almost instantly. I love this.

  18. jemimahharrington

    awesome find! 🙂 will definitely be back for more!

  19. brancoastt

    perfect quality with just a reasonable price 🙂 huge thanks west coast!

  20. joshhudson

    def what my girlfriend needs. awesome buy!!!! def worth the bucks

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