Notorious THC - Sour Keys 175mg

Notorious THC - Sour Keys 175mg

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Mini Sour Keys are the candy everyone loves to enjoy! These colourful key shaped gummy candies are fruity flavoured and sanded with a sour coating sure to put a pucker on your face!

  • 7 cannabis-infused gummies
  • Each bag contains175mg of THC
  • Made with organic ingredients

35 reviews for Notorious THC – Sour Keys 175mg

  1. Wowonee22

    Reasonable price. great taste. must try!

  2. Chris999

    Im a fan of notorious products,,, I will definitely try this new product

  3. millstoner063

    Awesome treats for 15 bucks?! YES PLEASE! My new favorite!!

  4. Cherry

    Just ordered it. can’t wait to try this. hoping for the best

  5. Yani

    cute shape =P not into sour but I’ll still try it. I might like it.

  6. mordecaiandmordock

    So i got curious when I saw a lot of reviews and said to myself, “hey why not try this one out and see?” It came in the mail this morning and it was awesome!

  7. manny-werewolf

    I’m really not a sour person but this stuff is really awesome! I love how the fruity flavor blends well with it’s taste. Good job as well with the packaging. Just loved it!

  8. Jessica E

    Came back for my 3rd order now. I love this stuff so much!!

  9. avascott77

    $15 for this?? I love it 😀 totally my fave. will def buy one all the time. haha

  10. Mimi

    It’s my first time trying this brand and it doesn’t fail. It exceeded my expectations. So I will always add this to my list of what I always buy.

  11. buttercup

    I’ve missed eating this so much so I ordered again. Despite the pandemic, delivery was still fast and arrived 2 days later. Great service WCR!

  12. jacobscott1989

    Wanted to explore this just for fun. And i didn’t regret it one bit. Hahah! High quality product and so worth it!!

  13. Lavender Jones

    My first ediblessss and it sparked joy! 😀 i had fun having these. Will surely try out the others. awesome stuff you guys!

  14. Sheer Silva

    Just right for my taste buds. takes away minor backaches

  15. XZ420


  16. donotASHEsume

    back and at it with edibles! 🙂 love the flavor of this. great test! recommended!

  17. seblewis45

    ordered this and some shatter….love the quality. 😀 will order again and again and again!

  18. Itsjannaperskins

    didn’t know sour keys could be this great! :O real good stuff

  19. Aj Wilson

    liking how balance the sweetness and sour taste

  20. xxxx420


  21. jaden00.

    fave gummy..sour yet sweet..

  22. adamlahey

    i definitely enjoyed every bite of these! better keep this out of reach of children!

  23. weedhoarder

    Finally! They were all sold out the last time I was here. Now I can hoard lol!

  24. Isabella

    Awesome stuff for only 15 bucksss! 😀 thanks for this wc! notorious thc is great stuff!

  25. jinky88

    super like it and i eat this every after meal.great thing I dont get overdose.

  26. Beatrice Suzuki

    wanted this for a long time already! tried this from a friend and I loved it! def a regular here now.

  27. Philippe

    nice dosage of thc,,, can get you to relaxed

  28. sultouddly43

    Amazing heavenly high packed in a snack.

  29. Justine

    Wanted to try the new ones and got this variety! real awesome stuff. grab-and-go… just how i like it!

  30. Aiko

    lovely sour keys!cure for my mild pains

  31. Andi Ross

    Love the sourness of this! And cool hit.. just the perfect one for me! thanks WC

  32. Lucas45

    great! I can get this cheaper here than other site

  33. wesley

    wasn’t a fan of anything sour or anything sweet.. but this changed things around lol. def ordering this again!

  34. ashharton

    just got mine today. def buying this again. these are real good sour eddies

  35. Lourdes

    This is dope…. 🙂

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