Notorious THC - Watermelon Gummies 175mg

Notorious THC - Watermelon Gummies 175mg

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Our watermelon flavour is a refreshing bite of sweet goodness. Made with all organic ingredients that make our gummies delicious and healthy.

  • 7 cannabis-infused gummies
  • Each bag contains175mg of THC
  • Made with organic ingredients

44 reviews for Notorious THC – Watermelon Gummies 175mg

  1. Wowonee22

    Super Like this gummy! Will definitely order again!

  2. Chris999

    Shoking taste,,,not a fan of watermelon but this is great,,,

  3. ganjalee798

    These are my new go-to snacks.. chewy.. plus it gives you high :))

  4. Cherry

    loving watermelon because of this.the taste is just right for me

  5. Yani

    You can taste the authencity of the flavoring they use.! really organic.!

  6. donotASHEsume

    Haven’t really been a fan of watermelon flavor… but now I am! I love these munchies! 😀

  7. jude

    One of my favorite gummy 1st is the cola.! They both have strong taste don’t seem artificial flavoring.

  8. quirky-enthusiasm

    Oh my sweet lord. I just so love the watermelon smell and it’s sweetness that dwells in my mouth..yum yum..

  9. SmokeySmith

    I want these on my stockings for christmas lol

  10. muddymaddie21

    It’s not as much as I love the sour keys but it is still good. The quality matches the price.

  11. Mizzy

    Got my order! thanks for the fast delivery.

  12. Cess

    One of the recommendable edibles in forums. i got it and its really good

  13. lesly

    one of the Strong edibles unlike others no effect just slight taste of thc

  14. beetlepunch78

    I got so obsessed with these that I tried making my own recipe at home. But sad to say nothing really beats the original from WCR so I ordered another batch. 😁

  15. robert

    I enjoyed this edibles. Bought gummies and chocolates.. just awesome!!

  16. immortalprincess22

    I’m a fan of watermelon so that’s what made me curious. And guess what? I love it! I am craving for more!

  17. soaringeagle44

    I bought Watermelon, Cola and Sour Keys. I hope they’re gonna last for a week. I just love every bite of them.

  18. Zach

    these gummies are better for the summer season. refreshing taste!

  19. Me

    This things hit!! Taste fantastic and get you feeling nice and warm inside!

  20. kriss mate


  21. Jayjames420


  22. andrea

    I loved it the first time I tasted it and now I’m back for more!

  23. XZ420


  24. connorchiefer67

    My all-time classic fave! I still like buying it every once in a while!

  25. Aj Wilson

    whenever I go I always have this. super like the taste

  26. xxxx420


  27. jin567

    great. loving the flavor no artificial taste

  28. MarioValleyfield

    À part le goût , quelle effet vous donne le gummies . Merci

  29. princessfiona

    Munched the whole pack in one go. Super delicious snack!

  30. jessica w

    So melony yummy!

  31. jinky88

    just fine not a fan of it but maybe for some

  32. Lowee1985

    My sister and I would always fight over one pack so decided to hoard so there would be enough for the two of us lol!

  33. Niceguy420

    Good stuff

  34. anducalliew

    my yummy yum yum snack 😋

  35. Sophie Turner

    Bought these with some cola gummies and a few other treats! my boyfriend’s gonna love this! tried this before and it’s def real good stuff

  36. Levy Ryven

    great mood booster; yummy

  37. Mara Dyer

    This is my favorite flavor.. my 5th buy now!!! 😀 thanks WCR!

  38. mayer

    My favorite! high quality.. def ordering this again

  39. andi eigen

    watermelon flavorrr! yum! wcr got awesome products

  40. Aiden

    nothing like notorious gummies! def getting more of these


    Great gummy


    Will have more

  43. Lucas45

    I think this is your best selling gummie. so tasty and the hit of thc is good

  44. calliemann

    YUMMMM! got myself one of these and it arrived at the mail today. fast delivery and of course awesome eddiesssss!! 🙂

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