1g RAW PreRoll Joints

1g RAW PreRoll Joints

(44 customer reviews)

Try some of our PreRolled Joints while they’re still available! This is a best seller so they sell very quick – they’re rolled with love and attention to detail. They come in airtight doob tubes in packs of 1, 3 or 5!


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1, 3, 5

44 reviews for 1g RAW PreRoll Joints

  1. Billy

    This was excellent, and dipped in keif, smoked it during the day and had the nicest weed nap, thanks for the fee gift

  2. OrangeTrumpets

    Got the pack of 5 I brought to a party with me and we all had some smokin’ good time! Great product and well wrapped!

  3. Leroy

    I will buy it again and again. EVERY ONE WAS PACKED PERFECTLY!

  4. PeterPatter

    Got the pack of 3’s to try, now im hoarding these!

  5. DoobieDoo

    This makes life so much easier for me lol

  6. SheMoves

    I actually got this mistaken with the ones dipped in kief! But its still good anyway.

  7. ChingChong

    This is so convenient, no need to master the art of wrapping and rolling.

  8. donotASHEsume

    I’m back with my affordable pre-rolls. Thank you West Coast Releaf!

  9. FeelingStrong

    This saves a lot of time and money.. very convenient!

  10. Jayjames420

    These rollies are nicee, I’d say AA medicine included

  11. bnicki58

    Nice burn

  12. Henry B

    Still ordering this until I learn how to roll lol

  13. bashababe

    This is a great and convenient pack, just pull it out and light it up!

  14. waterlily

    These makes it so convenient for busy people like me who dont want to go through the mess of wrapping and rolling.

  15. LetItSmoke

    I love that its pre rolled, saves time and no more wasted weed when trying to wrap and roll.

  16. SugarAndSpice

    These pre rolled ones are so convenient!

  17. ForrestGump

    I prefer pre-rolled joints cause it’s more convenient. So thumbs up to this!

  18. HealTheWorld

    So glad these came out, no more messing and wrapping.

  19. MarioValleyfield

    Woww i received my firts order on west coast. #1 for the quality.. Thanks a lot for the good medications 😉 the best i smoked..

  20. Greymoon

    Love having one of those on hand for emergency! I can turn it into 3 decent sized (for me) joints! + the free doob tube…can never have enough of those guys 😉

  21. SweetAndParrish

    These pre rolled ones are perfect for those who are always on the go.

  22. Harmin

    I always have this on the stock cause when I need a quick puff, this is better and not that messy.

  23. Jayjames420


  24. Mel

    a convenient way to smoke kush. thumbs up!

  25. EarthWindFire

    This is a hit! Easy to take along anywhere 🙂

  26. XZ420


  27. FourCloverLeaf

    Conveniently wrapped and rolled to be able to take anywhere!

  28. XZ420

    👍Nice rollies

  29. XZ420


  30. Smokeup420

    Chron rollies

  31. Tb


  32. xxxx420


  33. Hahalover

    i like this plain one and the one dipped in kief.


    Smooth taste

  35. Niceguy420

    Nice and perfectly rolled.


    Great smoking draws

  37. beethoven19

    A friend gave me one of these, and theyre great!


    Big thumbs up


    Nice smoke

  40. Silvanna

    love this! It’s so packed perf and very convenient for me when I need a quick smoke.

  41. XiiKnows


  42. Glenn

    this is the dopest!

  43. Tb1965


  44. MarioValleyfield

    Va être dans ma prochaine commande. Trempé dans leurs sauce ainsi que le kief que du bonheur lol Merci WCR pour ce cadeau 😉

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