Sweeds Sour Juicy Berries 100mg


Sweeds Sour Juicy Berries 100mg

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Product Description

Infused Berry Candy

$12 a pack of 5 gummies

Each candy contains 20mg of THC

5 x 20 mg THC per pack 100mg THC in total

1 review for Sweeds Sour Juicy Berries 100mg

  1. Pk savant

    In my pack I got two flavors. Unfortunately there was only 1 gummy of the purple flavor which I preferred. Would have liked to get a more balanced mix but these gummies are absolutely delicious. The texture is not too sticky, has the right amount of chew with zero weed flavor. I had the whole pack and found the effects to be mild as my tolerance is pretty high. I could easily see myself eating these for outdoor events where I want a light buz and dont want to light up a joint. Really tasty candies, would recomend to anyone who prefers gummies as their edible form

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